Travel Insurance to Spain Costs Double of What You Have to Pay for Italy or France

British tourists visiting Spain have to pay double the price for their travel insurance when compared to travelling to other European countries like Italy or France due to the country’s healthcare costs. If you think that whether it’s Spain or France, it’s all about the food, beaches, sun and language, but think again and check your travel insurance before that!
Spain is one of the very expensive destinations for tourists to fall sick and patients are provided with private healthcare instead of sending them to state hospitals, as per a travel insurer. That implies a higher hospital bill and consequently much higher claims.

Travel Insurance

As per the numbers got by the insurer last year, on an average, health insurance claim in Spain is nearly £4,845, which is almost 75% higher than Italy (£2,676) and twice when compared to France (£2,411).

Travellers shouldn’t depend on EHIC cards since these cards don’t cover healthcare at private hospitals.

Many insurers have necessarily segmented Europe into two different parts for travel insurance: One part includes policies for places that include the likes of Cyprus, Spain, Malta and Turkey and another part that excludes them. Post Office, Insure & Go and All Clear are some agencies offering such different policies.

An insurance representative from one of the leading insurer firms said – “If you fall ill in Spain, irrespective of whether you have an EHIC card, you may still be channelled through private hospitals rather than the state system. Therefore those travellers who don’t have medical travel insurance in place could be left with extremely high medical bills.”
Recently, it was reported that a holidaymaker was classified under the wrong segment when he dropped in and this led to him visiting Malta without the right cover.

The insurers claim that by approaching high pricing in this way, it implies that tourists going to other parts of Europe don’t have to pay huge premiums. However, if their vacation plans change and end up visiting one of these other nations the cover they purchased may not be useful. So, it’s important to tell your insurer the exact destination you are going to in Europe so that you can get the right coverage.

For annual cover, tourists will generally be only requested to differentiate between tours to the US, Europe, and worldwid

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